What is JNOR?
The Outdoor Media Association carried out Market
Research to discover the requirements of Ireland’s
advertising community for Outdoor Advertising
audience delivery data. The result is “Joint
National Outdoor Research” or “JNOR”. A world-
first, JNOR provides the ability to analyse
multiple advertising formats. Based on a Europe-
wide research model and developed in Ireland with
the assistance of industry-wide representation,
JNOR provides nett audience figures for Outdoor
Advertising campaigns. JNOR takes the visibility
of panels into consideration therefore reducing an
Opportunity-to-see (OTS) score to a Visibility-
adjusted-contact (VAC).

Outdoor Advertising in Ireland is comprised of
billboards, bus shelters, shopping areas, car
park, station and bus advertising panels. Ireland
is at the fore of global Outdoor Advertising
research by providing a facility to examine
combinations of Outdoor Advertising formats in a
single campaign.